Personal injury law is applied in the event a person encounters bodily harm or loses as a result of an accident. The person injured is referred to as the victim and needs to prove to the courts that the harm, damage or losses were incurred as a result of a specific accident. The court upon scrutinizing the facts provided by the victim awards compensation as a mount to cover the losses, damages and direct costs incurred as a result of the accident.


The victim may require representation in filing for a claim. This is offered by a professional lawyer, trained and experienced in matters related to personal injury. The lawyer offers representation for a fee chargeable at a flat fee or a percentage of the amounts awarded by the courts. Before offering representation, the lawyer digs into the facts of the case and collects considerable evidence to convince the court that the victim actually suffered harm and losses from the accident. These facts are then presented in court and used as the basis for determination of the case and awarding of adequate compensation.


Before filing for the case, the lawyer takes the victim through a guidance process to inform and educate on the process and the basic requirements for filing a personal injury case. This is followed by making an agreement on acceptance for representation and the chargeable fee for the services. After this is done, the lawyer proceeds to collect facts and follow the due process to file for compensation. The court sets the hearing schedule and the lawyer appears on behalf of the victim during the hearings. However, the lawyer might call upon the victim to give evidence during the sessions, check it out!


After determination of the case and award of adequate compensation, the lawyer has to ensure the victim is paid by the insurance company within the agreed time.  The lawyer collects the compensation on behalf of the victim, deducts the agreed fees and pays the balance to the victim. In certain instances the money is paid directly to the victim who proceeds to pay thee agreed fee amounts to the lawyer. Be sure to visit this website at and know more about lawyers.



There are great losses attributed to accidents. While it may not be possible for the victim to get back their original lifestyle, the personal injury law at is crafted to ensure they get adequately compensated to the extent they manage to proceed with life normally. Application of the law is done purely on professional basis and this ensures there is no foul play and justice is exercised.